July 7, 2017. Frustrated Francophile… Trial class review.

After 33 years you would think I would have progressed to at least French 2.  However, I was informed last week during my trial class (to gauge my level), that-yeah…I’m still testing at French 1.  And further more they recommend I brush up on the basics (as in the alphabet).  Arg!

Here I sit a frustrated Francophile.

I should explain my obsession with France to you.  Basically, for as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to live in France and speak French.  I dreamed of marrying a French man and of riding bicycles in the French country side.  Long story short – I married a man who is half French.  I didn’t get the whole Frenchman package but I did get the whole French Mother-in-law package.  These stories we will visit soon – I promise.  And the humor in them will not disappoint.

Fast forward 30 plus years, I still don’t speak French.  BUT there’s no time like now. Right? Arg! Believe me when I say “I’ve tried”.

Here’s the plan.  Stop, drop and roll. Stand up, brush self off and start all over again.  I’m more determined now than ever to learn French.  I’ve heard people say “sometimes you have to step back before stepping forward.”  This is one of those times.  Therefore, I’ve registered for the recommended review classes.  They should take a month to complete.  I’ve also registered for the private online lessons.  Where I plan to break old habits – and finally learn to speak French.

My word of the day:  Bonne Chance!  Bonne chance à moi.  (Good luck to me).

My goal for the day:  Master the correct pronunciation of the French alphabet (a point the professor recommended during the trial class). Arg!

Au revoir et a bientôt!



Author: suzlearnsfrench

My name is Suz and I'm addicted to France and all things French. I can't speak French, but I'm working on it. I've been working on it for 33 years. I'm married to a man who is half French and our running joke is "my next husband will be full French." However, I'm never giving this one up.

8 thoughts on “July 7, 2017. Frustrated Francophile… Trial class review.”

  1. I see you found my travel blog MovableAssets–hope you’re enjoying it–so came over to see what you’re writing about. Love your determination and wish you the best. I can’t even imagine running a HALF-marathon, so have zero to offer there, but I’ve made great progress learning French over the past few years, so in case it is helpful to you . . .

    I started learning French in school when I was ten, about a million years ago, and continued through two years of high school–so that’s SIX years in a row, plus the occasional efforts on my own with something checked out from the library. Even had some college French to finish my music degree, but STILL couldn’t actually speak French. I finally decided, around 2007, I guess, that it really was something I wanted to do and made a commitment to study a minimum of 30 minutes a day EVERY DAY. I’ve missed a few days in the past seven or eight years (like Christmas, maybe), but not many!

    During that half hour to sometimes as much as three hours a day if I watch a movie, I do a variety of things. Now I listen to podcasts (Français Authentique and News in Slow French, mostly) while I’m putting on my makeup, read novels in French (Marc Levy and Guillaume Musso, mostly) at least a few pages a day, do occasional verb drills or grammar exercises in workbooks, just to keep it in my brain, attend French Conversation Meet-Up groups, watch French movies (ideally with French subtitles), you get the idea. It’s immersion to the best of my ability while living in Colorado.

    Over the past decade, I’ve been able to go to France a few times, which of course is best and sounds like you do get the chance to do. Lucky you! I’ve taken a few week to two-week courses at a couple of different language schools, once even staying with a host couple. Now it works better for me to work with a tutor one-on-one, since the most difficult piece is fluid, stress-free conversation. But I’m actually getting there and I know you can, too.

    A couple of books I would highly recommend:
    _How to Learn Any Language_ by Barry Farber (which taught me the multi-track approach and reminded me to use empty minutes)
    _Flirting with French: How a Language Charmed Me, Seduced Me, and Nearly Broke My Heart_by William Alexander (which is just plain hilarious, but also encouraging)

    Sorry so verbose, but wanted to tell you what has worked for me. I now speak French at a high intermediate level, and plan to keep working on it. It’s seriously one of my favorite hobbies, not to mention excellent for the aging brain!

    Bon courage!

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    1. Thanks you so much for stopping by and offering advice! I really appreciate it.

      Your blog is great! I love to read about France. Super pictures too!

      I’m going to try several of the ideas you’ve noted. I’ll let you know how it goes well

      The books sound fantastique ! I’ll be googling them tonight.

      A bientôt.



    1. Pourquoi pas – right ?

      The whole French language is my downfall. I need an immersion year but not sure my work and family would agree.

      I like the podcast – coffee break french. If you are looking for a resource, it’s very good!

      Please let me know how it goes – l’d be happy to practice avec vous.


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  2. Are we forever students of a 2nd language? I was told by a French friend when I was proclaiming that much more time spent with her would mean my French was as good as a Parisian’s, that mine would sadly always be French spoken the English way, albeit that made it quite endearing. I think there’s a compliment in there somewhere!

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