Novembre 5, 2017. How Did I Get Here And Where Am I Going? C’est la vie!


How did I get here and where am I going –

In about 6 days – I’ll be standing at the start line of the 50 mile trail run.

The trail is actually an old converted rail line in Illinois.  They say if you are going to attempt the 50 miler, this is the place to do it.

It’s a flat trail that winds through a beautiful area.  No tree roots, no elevation, really not any terrain at all – just 50 miles of finally crushed gravel.

It’s been a rough year for my knee and lower back.  I had no choice but to pull back and not log the long miles.  Which worries me as I watched my friends do their 25 and 30 mile runs.  I did one 26 mile run back in July.  Since then just middle distance runs between 8 and 13 miles.

A family emergency kept me from running this weekend.  It’s just been a challenging 6 months.  This is life.  You can plan all you want but life will happen.

It is what it is!  My knee cap hurts all the time.  I had an xray on it and it’s not broke…  Most likely runners knee or a tendon / ligament issue.  If I can keep it tracking I should be good for 26 miles.  This is the farthest I’ve tested it this year.  After that – mile by mile.  One step at a time.

I also have arthritis in the lumbar region of my back.  This makes me very stiff and sore.  It stinks getting older.  But it beats the alternative – right!

I am also praying that I don’t have my period as this will make for the most un pleasant day EVER.  It’s due the week of the 50 miler.  I pray that it stays away or comes early.  And seriously  – I will pray about this to God.

How did I get here –

In a moment of weakness and utter ignorance – I registered for this race.

Why – because I want to be part of the 50 miler group.  I want the bad ass badge.  And I like to feel alive!

Where am I going –

Hopefully not to the doctor’s office

It’s going to take 52 years of experiences to get this done – and 12 hours of good knee form.

I’m prepared for the physical pain – it’s the mental strain that I’ll meditate on this week.

You can do this Suz! You have all the strength to do this – trust that you do.  God is great and He wants to carry YOU through.

C’est la vie!

Suz –




Author: suzlearnsfrench

My name is Suz and I'm addicted to France and all things French. I can't speak French, but I'm working on it. I've been working on it for 33 years. I'm married to a man who is half French and our running joke is "my next husband will be full French." However, I'm never giving this one up.

6 thoughts on “Novembre 5, 2017. How Did I Get Here And Where Am I Going? C’est la vie!”

  1. Suz, I will be carrying you in my thoughts all week as you get closer to your goal. You have gotten this far against so many odds and you still have beastly things to contend with. You are one inspirational woman and I will send all the strength I can muster over the ocean to you. Bon courage … you can do this – you really can 😊

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    1. Thank you so much for the support. I’m excited to try. It’s just hilarious (almost), how many things are trying to block this. I woke up yesterday with a sore throat and heaviness in my chest. I’m going to move through the week very gently – with lots of fluids. Don’t forget the time difference when you send your good thoughts. Nov 11, 2017 – start time 0800 eastern time (New York time).

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      1. It’s fortunate that my husband is based in Boston so I know your clocks altered on Saturday night (a week after mine in France) … I promise I will be sending those positive thoughts all week. By the weekend all your obstacles will be mere memories and you will be standing on that start line saying ‘je peux si je veux parceque j’suis une femme forte!’

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