25 février 2019. The Shutters – Les Volets. I shutter, you shutter, we all shutter for real shutters.

When I wish upon a star, I dream of places not near but far.

Reality check –

I shutter at the thought that I may never ever for the rest of my life have shutters like those in France.

I spy with my little eye – life behind this door

I shutter at the thought that here in the U.S., the shutter is extremely unappreciated.

I shutter at the thought of how much these shutters might cost me – as they are not a common option beyond commercial use.  However, if I ever build a house, I’m investing in roll shutters.

Sigh.. the roll shutter, my dream.

To close the house up at the end of a long, hot summer day.

Shutting out the world and settling into your space.

Signaling to those outside that you are closed.

Curled up in your private cocoon.

Nestled in to recharge and prepare for the next day.

To wake up in the morning and hear the sound of the roll shutter rising, or the wooden shutter creak open and gently slam against the stone exterior – announcing:


To nap in the afternoon, or shield from the hot sun.

The unappreciated and overlooked shutter.

The calming feeling when you roll down or close the shutters.

Placed on the outside of the house to protect, conceal, close.

Est-ce que le monde serait meilleur – peut-être.  Mais, il aurait semblé mieux.

A bientôt


I shutter, you shutter, we all shutter for real shutters


  1. What a funny post! Made me think of a looooooong time ago when we had Canadian visitors visiting us in our old, old appartment in an old house with wooden shutters. Not only wooden shutters but those where you can move the middle bar and open the slates more or less widely. Our friends were over the moon with both the shutters and the way people – at that time – put their bedding stuff over the open window sill to air in the fresh morning so that you could see what kind of duvet covers & linnens they had…. And another thing they couldn’t get enough of: The geraniums on the window sills of all but bedroom windows! 🙂

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    1. I remember in Germany the open windows and bedding left to air out in the morning. I always thought of it as a way to say – I’m UP – are you? In my head – I would think that if the bedding wasn’t out by a certain time – the neighbors would consider you lazy. The bedding and linens in France and Germany are the best.

      Memories – have a great day Kiki. Suz

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