How Much Can One Say With 14 French Words? Vraiment!

Quel est votre objectif aujourd’hui?

All I have is 14 words.  Just 14 words.  After all this time, 14 words.

Waking this morning with one goal — to speak French — all day.  


But…avec juste 14 mots…combien pouvez-vous dire.

La maison était calme…

Le silence…

Bien sûr maintenant j’ai plus de mot — mais avec ces 14 mots, je parle français.

Pourquoi?  Est-ce parce que je suis vieille?  Je ne sais pas.  Non – je ne suis pas vieille JAMAIS!!!

Mais, avec ces 14 mots je joue! 

Quel est votre objectif aujourd’hui? Pour moi, c’est apprendre un nouveau mot français!

ET COURIR!! 🏃‍♀️ 

Bonne journée tout le monde.


11 responses to “How Much Can One Say With 14 French Words? Vraiment!”

  1. Suz, à la rigeur tu es VIEILLE (puisque tu es une femme). Tu sais que tout est dans la tête! Tu as déjà 14 mot très utiles, beaux et sonores. Faut travailler avec ce qu’on a. Do one thing at the time. Learn one new word per day. Je te propose ADORER. J’adore ta coiffure. J’adore absolument le pain de ma boulangerie. It’s a lovely word. And then maybe: Que c’est beau, belle, magnifique. You see, all positive words, throw them around like confetti – and smile a lot. Even behind your mask. I swear to you ppl feel it.
    et bon, IF YOU MUST, run…. it’s not compulsory. If your body doesn’t urge you to run, don’t. There are far more important things than running. Walk, look around, stand and marvel…. prendre son temps à voir vraiment les choses autour de nous. Bon courage! All will be well, in the end.

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    1. Ah you’re are so right vieille – see I can’t remember anything – I’ll edit that though lol. When I run I pretend I can speak French – I really make up the oddest conversations dans ma tête and all with my limited vocabulary. It is growing though. Thank you for reading. Bonne journée!


  2. Tres bien. Quartorze mots sont plus que zero mots! Je crois que je parle bien quelquefois mais dans les magasins normandes il est beaucoup des personnes ne comprenent pas ! Peut etre je ne parle pas l’accent …


    1. Ah yes the accent – in my head my accent is fantastic – lol. I actually have more than 14 words but am pretty dependent on a small set of words. Here’s to traveling days – Cheers! So good to hear from you. Bonne journée. Suz!


      1. Bonne journee aussi! My accent apparently gets better if I drink a glass of wine, French wine I suppose!

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      2. Everything gets better with French wine 🍷!!!

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  3. Even though Canada is a bilingual country, I wish I could converse with you like the others in the comment thread, Susan. So much respect! 🙏


    1. After all the classes – years and years of classes. I’m still very much a beginner. But it’s a fun hobby. Good to hear from you. You live in a beautiful country. Québec was one of our best vacations ever. I was in Detroit last weekend for a family event and dreamed of crossing the Ambassador Bridge – oh the things we used to take for granted. The Detroit marathon – i ran it in 2015. It’s an International race – hope to run it again. Crossing to Windsor on the bridge and back to Detroit via the tunnel..

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      1. That is amazing, Susan. I did not know the Detroit marathon was international. Niagara Falls has something similar, except it is reversed. Start in Canada, run to Niagara Fall, New York, and return to Niagara Falls, Canada. 😀🏃🏻‍♀️ 🏃🏻

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      2. I’m keeping up on the Monarch run. Hope you get to participate.


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