2019 – The Backyard Classic. LOOPS… Is this an 8 hour endurance race or another rond point?


The Backyard Classic –

An 8 hour endurance race, I like to call LOOPS.  https://www.etownbackyardclassic.com/

The Backyard Classic (BYC) takes place in Elizabethtown, Kentucky.   It’s a local treasure and an annual event held each August.  This exhilarating race is produced by an amazing group of people to raise money for two fantastic charities:  the Hardin Memorial Hospital Cancer Care Center and Greenspace of Kentucky.

In addition, to organizing the event this talented group of people truly rally behind the charities they have chosen to support.  Personal experience and passion fuel these trail loving runners and entrepreneurs.

Not to be overlooked is the atmosphere of this event.  Reflective of its name, the BYC has that real backyard feel.  From the small town setting and classic Kentucky woodland trail to the plethora of caring volunteers and vibrant after party, the BYC does not disappoint.

Elizabethtown, is located just off the Bourbon trail in central Kentucky and is easily accessed via I-65.  Massive amounts of fun to be had along with memories to be made in the Heartland.

Continued below: 2017 BYC race reflection.


The 2017 & 2018 medals – handcrafted by local artists.

Connecting French Learning with Kentucky Running –

Speaking of loops… Rond points, roundabouts, and traffic circles – oh my.

This past weekend (Aug 2017), I ran an eight hour endurance race, the BYC in Elizabethtown, KY.  It was a 3.25 mile trail loop that reminded me of a giant rond point (traffic circle or roundabout).

J’ai une ampoule, une grande ampoule.  I have a blister, a big blister.

The goal of the race was to complete as many loops as you could in eight hours.  I’d consider the trail moderate.  Each 3.25 mile loop consisted of two technical sections, two small hills and two water crossings. The remainder was a mostly uphill meadow like trail with little shade.  Sounds fun huh?

Nineteen!” “There are nineteen rond points from mom’s house to the super marche, two of which are doubles.”  My husband said sarcastically from the back seat.

It doesn’t sound like a huge number, until you consider how close le super marché / the supermarket actually is à la maison / to the house (4 kilometers or about 2.48 miles).

Over the years, across France, I’ve seen the gradual conversion of four way stops into rond points.  When I see a four way stop in France these days, to me, it appears out of place.  The four way stop no longer seems to belong or to even fit into the French landscape.  Traffic is halted at these seemingly archaic stops and you can sense the frustration as drivers are slowed on their commutes in their charming, energy efficient voitures / cars and scooters.  But come on already nineteen of them over 2.48 miles.

This year as we vacationed, I paid extra attention to the theme of each major rond point. I noticed how each town tried to represent the flavor of their community to the visitor. Often highlighting historical aspects associated with the area.  In the center of the larger roundabouts you might find une ancre, un bateau ou un mémorial de guerre / an anchor, a ship, or a war memorial.  Each one carefully crafted to represent the area and the people.  Some are weird, some are cool, some are relevant, and some are confusing.

Home now in the U.S., I miss the way we whipped around the rond point.  I miss the dance of cars between lanes. I miss the way the cars flowed in and out of the rond point. I miss the rhythmic movement. I miss it all so much that last week, I found myself doing a few loops around the lone traffic circle in my town.

How did I do:  I realized my personal goal of 8 loops (in 6 hours and 21 minutes) for a total of 26 trail miles.  After 16 water crossings, my toes were extrêmement / extremely blistered.

I elected to stop with 1.5 hours to go. Of course now I have remorse as I feel I should have made one more pass through the giant rond point.  I had enough time for another loop.

Did I give up or did I make the right decision?  In the grand scheme – does it really matter?  Running is not life or death.  This was a gathering of like minded individuals out to challenge their minds and bodies.  But the things that will drive a person crazy…

As this was not my 2017 focus race, I convinced myself during the 8th lap that it was okay to stop.  My knees held up and I did not hit the famous reputed WALL.  I made the smart decision, and although I wish I had done the 9th loop (just cuz), I know I made the right choice in stopping.  My 50 mile race is in November (2017) and I have a long way to go to get there – risking injury was not an option.

Mais, c’était une bonne journée.  Le soleil était brillant!  Et maintenant, j’ai une grande ampoule. Fantastique!  But, it was a great day.  The sun was shinning!  And now, I have a big blister.  Fantastic!

What did I learn:  Foot health is très important / very important (blisters will take you down).  I’ll need to get actual trail shoes, and to find better socks.  I also need to do more long runs on the weekends.

My nutrition plan was sufficient but as much fluid as I took in, I didn’t use the bathroom from 8 a.m. till about 6 p.m.  Probably need to consume more fliuids.

As far as practicing my French:  HAH – that didn’t go at all as planned.  I had designated a theme for each loop.  However, on the first loop I tried to count my steps in French and I couldn’t remember the difference between treize / thirteen and trente / thirty.  Brain fog.

During the second loop I tried to run through the basic French greetings dans ma tête / in my headbut found myself dazed and confused.

Sadly, loops 3 – 8 contained no French.

Sérieusement / Seriosuly, I think I made the right choice stopping at 8 loops.  I hope I’ll have the mental fortitude needed to push through the 50 miler.

Ne panique pas – Reste forte! / Don’t panic – Stay strong!


For more information or to register for this years Backyard Classic:  https://www.etownbackyardclassic.com/

I call it Loops – each loop is yours.  Reflect, run hard, rest, recharge.


7 responses to “2019 – The Backyard Classic. LOOPS… Is this an 8 hour endurance race or another rond point?”

  1. In the month before I moved to France I switched my satnav to his present voice which the manufacturers call ‘Jacques’ but since that is my stepson’s name I re-christened it Franck. He is French and he helped me feel like it was real – this move. Franck is far too often heard saying ‘traversez le rond-point, premier sortie. or deuxième troisième quatrième even cinquième on particularly bewildering occasions when there seems to be a spaghetti of roads leading off the roundabout. It worked, he became my go-to French buddy … I would talk to him quite happily bout what we were seeing as we drove along together. He is still there but mostly in the glove box since I now find my way around confidently most of the time. I must add that when I spent most of my time in the US, last year, I was quite bewildered about the lack of skill with which people navigate rotaries …. boggling in the extreme but in contrast the 4-way is like an elegant quadrille …. drivers taking their turns in such a way as to warm the heart of any kindergarten teacher! I would have stopped at that point too by the way … injury is NOT an option if only because this reader is on the edge of son siège anticipating the big run. And I have just read the French posts and there were many éclats de rire chez moi 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read the post and to respond.

      I like your thought on the four way stop – you’re so spot on.

      I’m getting nervous – I think my body is stronger than my mind.

      Have a great day – in beautiful France! Bonne Journée!


      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’ve got this … it shines out of your very honest writing. Remember ‘tu peux si tu veux’ – you can if you will 🙂

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Wow – thank you. What kindness. 😊


      3. Only one self-imposed rule in my life that remains stoically unbroken – I only EVER say what I mean 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. That sounds like a challenging race for sure! And you’re right about all those roundabouts in France. In Switzerland, there’s a huge difference between east and West. In the (German-speaking) east, there are almost none, but the closer you get to the French-speaking West and France, the more roundabouts there are!! In Geneva there are lots.

    Kathrin — http://mycupofenglishtea.wordpress.com

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bonjour!

      That’s really interesting – the difference you explain regarding the roubdabouts in the east versus the west of Switzerland!

      Thanks for reading.


      Liked by 1 person

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