14 août 2019. My boobs stole my joy of running. Each step created a bouncing motion – first an upward bounce then a downward thump. And the left and right thumps were not always in sync. Sports Bra Review

My boobs stole my joy of running 

Soutien-gorge de sport / Sports bra.  Break that one down and translate it…298B5AE8-0C47-46AE-8C42-B8E052CA4737

Seriously, is this necessary

I’ve often wondered if all young girls hated adolescence, as much as I did.  I didn’t welcome the transition, I was happy just like I was. 

I got my boobs in 1982

For me, I went from a free spirited, flat chested young girl to a double D (DD),  all in one summer.

To set the time line:  According to Wikipedia, the first sports bra was introduced in 1975 and was known as the Free Swing Tennis Bra by Glamorise.  Quickly followed by the Jockbra in 1977.  Jockbra was eventually renamed Jogbra.  Jogbra was purchased by Playtex in 1990.

When I entered the U.S. Army in 1983, I didn’t own an actual sports bra.  And looking back I don’t think the Post Exchange (PX) sold ACTUAL sports bras (if they did, I missed that aisle).  I remember going as a group to the PX to buy staples for boot camp (underwear, bras, socks – all white and all cotton).  I bought 3 white cotton bras and I remember that they provided NO SUPPORT. 

Running through the 80’s 

Each step created a bouncing motion.  First an upward bounce then a downward thump.  And the left and right thumps were not always in sync.

I remember running in the 80’s and early 90’s, and I remember my boobs bouncing around terribly and I remember being very self-conscious.  I remember holding my bra and shirt at the sternum while running. 

I remember that I hated to run.  I didn’t own a sports bra, and my boobs stole my joy of running.

Running became awkward and painful and the thought of what I looked like while running REALLY mortified me.

It was painful and I personally always felt like the activity (unsupported bouncing and stretching) was horrible for the actual breast tissue.  It’s hard to believe, but I actually hated running.  I still loved ALL sports!  I loved to walk and hike, and I loved to bike (I actually went into labor on my bike) and was very active – but I hated running.  

I remember wrapping an ace bandage around my chest over my regular bra.

Can You Imagine?

My saving grace

Luckily, over the years, the sports bra industry exploded.  Today if you walk into any women’s clothing store, you’ll find a huge selection of sports bras.

From wide shoulder straps to razor backs – woman have many choices.  Today’s sports bras are not only attractive, they are functional.  Designs that allow for individual form and function enable today’s woman to chose what works best for HER. 

Size, shape, activity, and appearance are all considered.  The sports bra industry has grown into its own industry and comfort, function, and appearance are bundled seamlessly into the product. 

You can look and feel pretty while being fierce

I recently asked a few friends to name a few of their favorite brands as well as some of the features they look for in a sports bra.

  • More than one of the girls explained they prefer to tote their girls in the Victoria Secret line of sports bras.  Declaring the brand provides the full support needed for sports, while providing the attractiveness of a regular bra.
  • Champion was mentioned more than any other brand.  One die-hard Champion wearer stated that even after trying other brands – she still prefers Champion, particularly its high support style with back clasps.  Another, noted that she too prefers the brand and compares it to her more expensive lululemon bra.  Still another confesses the high support style is perfect for her anatomy – recommending it to the larger chested runner.
  • The energy bra by lululemon is a must have for one seasoned athlete.  This tri-athlete and ultra runner confesses to owning several (like 10 wink, wink) and simply states “they feel great and fit well for a really long time.”  
  • Proclaiming her love for the Athleta and Moving Comfort brands, one bicycle riding, bra wearing gal gives us a nod to their reliability and durability in her quote  “I’m still wearing some that are WAY too old!”
  • The Brooks rebound racer has quickly become my new favorite.  No longer the DD of my youth, I’m now a “C” cup and this bra provides the full cup support I seek, padded back clasps, and semi-wide shoulder straps (to avoid those notorious shoulder dents).  The cups are shaped like a regular bra so no uni-boob WINNER!

Lessons learned

Vital information:  We all have that one friend – the bold girl we all love, who just had to go there.  My favorite girly girl noted that a thicker cup will help you avoid the dreaded syndrome known as HEAD LIGHTS. 

What the new runner needs to know:  Several ladies mentioned the famous uni-boob, caused by the smashing of the breasts together and in.  One of the respondents reported that she is willing to pay good money for her sports bras to avoid this anomaly.  Stating she feels owning a good bra is part of her femininity and she appreciates when her cleavage and curvature look good in a top.

Advice from the bustier chicks:  Big chest – cheap bra struggle.  Some of the ladies, remarked that in the past in order to save money, they had resorted to wearing more than one less expensive bra at a time (seeking the needed support).  When they finally splurged and bought a more expensive bra, they discovered they were able to wear just one bra – and reported that they realized not only more support but a better fit and better shape.

Laundering tips were all over the place.  However, most agreed and recommended line drying and the avoidance of fabric softeners.

The saga (but not the sag) continues

Gone are the days of ace bandages!

Moving through the early stages of menopause has allowed me to feel 12 again.  The hormonal roller coaster is slowly ending and as I enter this new stage of life, I feel a re-immersion of self.  Exercise and a really good sports bra are extremely important at this age – mentally and physically we need to stay active to stay alive. 

As we roll through this realm on our way to where we are going, we all have things we do.  I personally – simply like to run for fun.  I like to feel the breath in my lungs, and the burn in my legs.  I like to be with others who enjoy running.  And often we gather to run, because we can – in memory of, in dedication to, or for those who can’t – through charity runs.

Merci beaucoup à mes amis pour l’information / Thank you friends, for the information.  I was honored to receive your responses and photos. 

Call to action:  If you have a favorite sports bra, please chime in.  Lessons learned as well – share what you know, what you like and dislike.

We all want to avoid the SAG – share YOUR secrets and knowledge.







  1. Great post! It reminded me of my school sports – the only thing I was good at was hurdles as I had long legs. I remember my wobbling boobs being held in place by my arms tucked in against my chest – we’d never heard of sports bras in the early 80’s here in the UK either! Now of course there are all sorts – but I can never get myself out of a racer back so I avoid those!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. great post but you won’t get any helpful advice from me. Well, no advice at all. I come from a family where breast cancer is running wild and I’m the only one to have still my two boobs…. BUT I don’t wear bras; I know, totally tasteless, horrible, but I just can’t have anything pressing against my girls – I do wear however re-enforced undergarments/vests/?. They have a double part where the boobs are with a nice non-biting elastic going right over the breasts and stop under them. They hold your stuff together, but of course they are useless for running. I have bought so many garments, sport bras, other bras, shirts that I could have opened a shop – I always hurt terribly. But one of my goals for the coming months is to go to a serious outfitter and do something about that. It’s on my list for some months now – and you have just reinforced my will to do better!!!! So, thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kiki – Always nice to hear from you. I’m so sorry to hear of the breast cancer in your family. I pray that one day soon this cancer and all cancers are eradicated! I have several friends and loved ones whose lives have been impacted by this horrible disease. Prayers.

      I love to not wear a bra around the house – it’s usually the first thing to come off at the end of the day.

      Wishing you luck on finding one that works for you. Let me know what you end up with. I’m sure your information will be helpful to someone.


      Liked by 1 person

  3. I am right there with you suz!!! One of the ladies I work with wears two sports bras at the same time because she can’t find one to do the job. I’m not doing it if I have to wear 2! And the uniboob feeling/look also is a no go for me. I’ve just decided running is not worth it. I’ll just walk. 😉😁 Seriously great post!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I actually wear a “sports bra” as my every day bra because it’s all cotton and no hooks and more comfortable. I put it in quotes because I’m like barely a B and don’t “need” the support per se, but find them so comfy. Also, I don’t run unless being chased by bears. I hope you are always able to find what works for you. ❤️

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  5. Love these words of wisdom & information. As a girl with triple D’s….I know all to well about most of the issues mentioned, hence I guess it’s worked out that I’ve never liked to run! Fun read, too!

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