4 avril 2020. You Are His Resource. Do One Good Deed A Day. Waiting for the When – Through the Window.

These are the words that fill my mind and comfort my soul during this anxious time –

He is the project manager – you are but one of His resources.  You are a necessary asset and your role is to focus on the good!  Do one good deed a day! 

Growing up I lived life through the window.  Sometimes it was my bedroom window, sometimes it was the car window.  Through the window I watched and waited for when…

I dreamed of what was beyond the window.  I imagined far away places and distant times.  I dreamed of adventures and what I would do when…

When… I grew up, I moved away from the window.  I lived life in the now and focused on following God and marveling in the windows He chose to open.

Just weeks into this global pause, I find myself once again living life through the window.  Looking out and wondering – what I can do to help.

With great comfort – I trust all the windows will open again.  Meanwhile, I’ve chosen to continue to focus on the now – and to do what I CAN do to help rather than what I CAN NOT do to help.

God is guiding me to help in the way He alone has chosen for me.  To be of help – to do no harm – to stay in my lane and to trust it’s enough. And to do at least one good and positive thing each day to help someone.

You are perfectly and purposely designed.

Praying for all essential workers and especially those in the healthcare sector.  May God’s protection surround and shield them from this virus.

Faithfully waiting for when…








  1. Suz! I’ve been away for a very long time, stuck in a deep dark despair. But, with help, I have resurfaced and am now blinking in the light of a new dawn and, the stronger for the experience. I have been writing and posting this last 10 days which, I know, means I am well again. I have missed many and you are one. I read this post with a warm heart. Your attitude is exactly what is needed. We must be patient (soyons patience), we must believe (on dois croire), we must hold those who care for the sick and do essential jobs close in our hearts (nous devons garder ceux qui soignent les malades et font des travaux essentiels dans nos cœurs) and we must,above all things be kind to ourselves and kind to each other (et surtout nous devons être gentils avec nous-mêmes et gentil les uns envers les autres). Go softly, dear lady x

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  2. Suz, I wrote the longest comment and then pushed or touched a ‘something’ and it all went haywire into the nothingness….. So disappointed.
    I try again, hopefully with calmer fingers. I said that I never lived through the window. I’m always in the middle of it – and I try to muddle through. But my constant ‘bystander’ or rather my focus always was, is and will be God. We had an online divine service which gave us new force, courage and we shall continue to be(come) the person we’d like to be, because we can’t be good for others if we are unhappy with ourselves.
    Thank you for this beautiful post. Meilleurs voeux pour une semaine paisible et heureuse.

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    1. Bonjour Kiki – always nice to hear from you. I love what you wrote above …we shall continue to be(come) the person we’d like to be… Yes! Every day! Who would have thought that this would be – continued prayers! Faith over fear. Merci 🙏

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