Tuscany (Heaven). #3. Behind the Postcard: The Third in a Series of Reals – The most beautiful rainy day, a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, and an overlook. Life in black and white. While we wait…pausing the recall.

The Reals Series is meant to entertain while informing via trivial information only somewhat relevant to the topic et avec un peu d’humour (except for today).

Not to be confused with a trip report – life behind the postcard is a snap shot of real.

The reality behind the travel blogs and the picture perfect postcards.

Real life, real people, real moments.

Tuscany –

There are moments in this life where we all exclaim “I’ve died and gone to Heaven.”

You want to walk toward the light!  You’ll miss your loved ones – BUT, this is Heaven.

This is Tuscany.

September 2019, we chose to start our European holiday in Florence, Italy before slowly making our way to Paris, France and then to my mother-in-law’s house in the west of France.

It has taken me months to even attempt to verbalize our Tuscan experience.  To attempt to capture the moments and relay the sense of peace and the experience of pure joy.

I planned to simply write about the most beautiful rainy day, a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, and an overlook. 

I planned to describe this real with perfectly chosen words, immaculately showcased with photos of brilliant sunsets, stunning Italian landscapes, and the most delicious food and wine one can imagine.   

…But now watching this virus run rampant through Italy leaves me in tears and completely unable and uninterested in writing of such trivial thoughts.  

This series was my feeble attempt to look beyond the postcard and to look at the reals.

The real moments of life – beyond the vacations and staged settings.

To simply look at real people.

Out of respect for all those who have lost their lives and for the families left behind, I’m pausing my Tuscan recall.  And placing the day’s intention on PRAYER.

What’s going on in Italy (globally) is a real I simply can’t write about.  I have no words.  

So many lost.  Gone in an instant.  Now part of a historical statistic.  

Maybe one day, I’ll write about the most beautiful rainy day, a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, and an overlook.  

Meanwhile, #together we wait for life’s color to return.

Oh Lord, hear our prayer. 





  1. Suz, I too have a deep love for Italy, have been many times, love to speak Italian and learned to not only appreciate but LOVE espresso. Our then tiny, teeny dachsie was the star on Piazza San Marco in Venezia, I’ve learned better Italian in Florence, I’ve visited all the lakes in Northern Italia – and of course I ADORE and LOVE Italy since forever and a day. You SHOULD HOWEVER WRITE about your trip – it will give you tremendous strength, joy, memories will flow back into your heart and mind – writing is the BEST THING to keep abreast of life…. Our prayers will help, or so we hope, but they won’’t change the general situation. So do both, pray and write, and re-live your trip over and over. Tanti auguri et saluti, carissima, K.

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    1. I love your comments. I’ve been so busy since the fall. I started a new job immediately following our vacation. And I’ve been so wrapped up in said adjustment. It’s been so hard for me to concentrate on any writings. Recently I felt adjusted enough to write about the trip but just felt it was not a good time to trivialize or rave on the experience – but I promise you I will. It was such a surreal vacation. And the espresso!!!!! Suz.

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    1. Merci Javier! It really was a wonderful trip. It was romantic and fun. We fell in love with Tuscany. Normally we vacation in France – but really loved this region and plan to return. Thank you for stopping by. Suz!


  2. I lived in Rome for a while in the 80s. I grieve for Italy. As I grieve for the world laid bare by this terrible creeping foe. So much loss already, so much more to come. It is hard to write coherently in this moment but you capture the sorrow of humankind in this lovely piece. Go softly, go gently. 🙏

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