Week 3 Recap. The Quest – 30 Days to a Handstand & I’ve PLATEAUED.

Week 3 of the quest!  Let’s go!

La semaine 3 de ma quête!  Allons-y!

Interesting tidbit:  The French word for plateau is plateau.  But does plateaued meaning to plateau translate to plateau?  According to the reaction I received when I inquired of two French people…It does not.

So, while a plateau is a plateau, French people do not plateau, but un plateau in French can also be a tray – like a platter.

Most Awesome Cheese Platter

Plateau –

Week 3 finds me plateaued.  Thirty days may not be enough time to actually master the handstand.  I may have to give you an update next year.

Week 3 saw it all –

The good, the bad, and the ugly.  

  • A surprise two second hold where I panicked.
  • A face plant from crow pose.
  • And an awkward attempt to press up via the donkey kick (video deleted on purpose).

Adjusting Goals –

Original Plan A:  Starting in a downward facing dog position, gently and gracefully lift my lower body up and over my hips into a full handstand – holding the handstand for no less 10 seconds.

Original Plan B:  To throw my body upward from a downward facing dog position using the L shaped kick-up and a lot of momentum to launch myself up and onto the back of the door into a handstand then eloquently (or with reckless abandon) lift self away from the door for no less than one second.

Attempting Plan A – leaving out gently & gracefully.

This was a real struggle – the photos do it justice – in reality – it was rough!

Adding a Plan C:  Just hold a handstand from a kick-up for three seconds or how ever long you can.  Three seconds is a long time.

Week 3 Recap –

Day 15.  04/27/2020.  I thought I’d be farther along.  Thankful for the gains, but I’ve plateaued.  

Day 16.  04/28/2020.  Half way through the 30 days.  My arms feel stronger.  Balance not great.  Trying to tuck the chin and not arch the back as much.  More plateau-ness.

Day 17.  04/29/2020.  Practice seems to be paying off.  Added the crow pose and headstand to build strength.  Kick-ups are much better.  Held a handstand for maybe two seconds.

Day 18.  04/30/2020.  Practice was just okay tonight.  Face plant on crow pose.  Little bit of hamstring strain.  Followed up with yoga to stretch.  Press up not really improving – need more abdominal strength.

Day 19.  05/01/2020.  Focused on squeezing the thighs together.  Engaged the core – pulled away from the wall for three seconds.  

Day 20. 05/02/3020.  Where or where did my handstand go?  Do not panic – stick with the training.  

Day 21.  05/03/2020.  Did a YouTube yoga class before handstand practice to loosen up the back.  Handstand kick-ups are progressing – I can hold one for maybe two seconds (if you count fast).  Not giving up on the press-up from downward facing dog.  It wasn’t pretty, but I did kinda do a sorta press-up.

Plan for week 4:  Crunch time.  Starting Monday the 4th of May – I’ll have just seven (actually nine to round out the 30) days to make this happen.  Where did the month go.  It’s going to happen! 

Focus:  Push up completely through the shoulders.  Toes to the sky.  Tuck the chin.  Abs in control.  Connecting the mind and body – focus on form.  Hold, Hold, Hold.

What are you doing during the great pause to keep yourself centered?  Let me know in the comments. 

Don’t forget to come back next week for week 4 – the finale!

5 responses to “Week 3 Recap. The Quest – 30 Days to a Handstand & I’ve PLATEAUED.”

    1. Thank you ! It’s been fun !

      Liked by 1 person

  1. This looks so difficult to master Susan. Despite faceplants and a hamstring strain you keep going. Much respect for your persistence. The finale I have seen already. So well done! 😀 🙏👏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Now I need a new challenge 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Hi Carl – I’m playing catch up here on WordPress – I was out of the loop for a few months, but I’m back and ready to get moving again! I look forward seeing some of your snowy winter running photos – any snow up there yet?


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