15 décembre 2018. I’m still just me – Je suis toujours juste moi. To bring joy to others and without accolades.

sketched by mon mari – 2018

I’m still just me –

I’ve become the person I didn’t plan to be.

I’m not who I planned to be when I planned to be me.

I’m here (in the now) and I’m not what I thought I would be.

I’m still just me.

Je suis toujours juste moi –

Je suis devenue la personne que je n’avais pas l’intention d’être.

Je ne suis pas ce que j’avais prévu d’être quand j’ai prévu d’être moi.

Je suis ici (dans le présent) et je ne suis pas ce que je pensais que je serais.

Je suis toujours juste moi.

Reflecting back on the year.  A year ago I let go – Décembre 20, 2017. Big blue ball in the sky, one ticket one ride. One round on this round.

Today, one year later, I’m still moving through said change.  I try not to fear and I try not to second guess.  I try to be where God has placed me to be – in the now.  Trusting in His time and in His place.  So far on this round – He’s never failed me.

This next year I promise to focus more on others.  I’ll still plan my French vacation and I’ll still practice French every day and I’ll still run for fun.  But I’ll aim to bring joy to others and without accolades.  If I happen to find myself in France, bonus!




  1. In the now – I’ve taken up a phrase from one of my French exercises: C’est le début de la journée. I try to remember this each morning and say it aloud to remind myself to be in the now. It’s the beginning of the day –
    starting anew – stay centered where I am in the now.

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