23 décembre 2018. Writing Letters – A Little Bit of Yesterday. J’écris des lettres.

FABA34B9-B85D-4355-A467-1E1F8DE2B0A2.jpegBonjour encore mes amis.  Quoi de neuf?  Pour moi, ma famille va visiter aujourd’hiu and nous allons manger ensemble.  C’est December et il fait beau! Il n’y pas de neige ici heureusement! Mais – peut-etre plus tard?

Bonjour, je m’appelle Suz et J’écris des lettres –

Everyone knows and remarks how we’ve moved away from pen and paper – but this little bit of yesterday is making a grand comeback and I’m spearheading it’s return.

When you hear about it’s comeback on the news next year, you can thank me.  No for real – remember, it was my idea – Je rigole, Je blague, je plaisante (just kidding).

This last year, I focused on sending little love notes to people.  Sometimes I would receive a reply, but that was not my goal.  My goal has been to surprise someone with a little bit of yesterday.

A little bit of yesterday –

I’ve written letters in French and English and each time, I imagine the person going to the mail box and finding the note – and smiling.  Not so much that it’s from me – but that it’s a little bit of yesterday.

I wrote a mid-year letter to Madame Odette, who lives in Charente and is 94.  I heard she told her daughter that she received a letter from America and her daughter made a remark apparently doubting her Mother’s memory.  I hear that when she then pointed out the letter on the table – a little bit of yesterday was recalled.  For a quick look back on our visit with Madame: Octobre 21, 2017. Suz Runs For Bourbon But Prefers Pineau! Picking Cherries Avec Madame Et Embracing The Night Run.

I wrote a random letter to the French couple we met in the airport a few years ago.  We now exchange letters regularly.  We don’t email or video chat – we just write letters.  Mine in 1st grade French, hers in pretty good English.

For the first time in 15 years, I actually sent friends birthday cards via the post office – even though a text or email would have sufficed.  I actually went to the store, bought cards and had fun sending them.

This Christmas season, while my husband was away – galivanting in France (all I got was this cool fridge magnet, a bottle of Pineau, a bottle of orange infused Cognac, a work out shirt, new running gloves and hat from my favorite French sports store), I wrote out fifty plus Christmas cards.  Each one simply signed, sealed and posted with love.

Each day I go to my own mailbox and am surprised by the little bits of yesterday waiting for me.

I’m keeping the post office alive – je rigole.   

Joyeux Noël 🎄




  1. This is so awesome Suz. You have the day and Christmas of 50 people who received a Christmas card from you.

    We have gotten away from personal letters and cards. This is really dating me, but when my wife and I were engaged in 1988, we were 7 months apart. I was in Canada and Lynne was in New Zealand. Back then international phone calls were $3.00 a minute, there was no e-mail, so everything was hand written letters. And looking back, I cherish those months and all the hand written letters I received and sent. And checking the mailbox each day!

    My wife continues to send out quite a few Christmas cards and an enclosed family update letter is written every other year. She could send it by e-mail, but having that “little bit of yesterday” makes it so special.

    Thank you for sharing Suz, and for bringing the smile to my face! 🙂

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    1. I’m so happy the post made you smile! That truly is the intention of my blog – to write simple bits – that will bring a smile to someone’s face.

      Oh how I remember those long distance calls – FaceTime and the internet have saved us a fortune. Remembering calling collect?

      Sounds like we all came of age about the same time. We were married in 1987. And due to the Army spent many days, weeks and months a part. Letters were such an important part of our life. I’ve keep many of those letters – along with 34 years of cards. Just cuz 🙂

      How nice that Lynne writes the family update. I have a friend who writes one as well and I really enjoy reading it every year. Have a Happy New Year – Carl. Maybe I’ll see you on the trail one of these days.



  2. If I had your address, I’d send you a card. I am the only other person on this planet (no, NOT TRUE, I’m kidding….) who’s still writing real cards. I found some of my online friends BECAUSE we love writing real letters and cards and sending them….. so you are by far not alone!
    I cut down my Christmas card writing every year and I’m down to some 70 now!!!!!!! Every single one thought out for the person(s) it’s meant to, written by hand and personally. LOTS OF WORK and the larger part of my Xmas mailing arrives any time before Easter of the next year. But nobody complains!
    I also do my own cards very frequently. I take photos and have either cards made f them or I stick them on double cards for sending out birthday, anniversary or condolency letters. I do mails too, also WhatsApp, Skype, messages but letters and cards via the postal service (lousy in France) take priority at any time. Great, great post.

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    1. You’re so sweet to want to send a card. I appreciate your comments here just as much. I truly appreciate that you took the time to read my silly blog – I have met so many people here and am so thankful. And only 70 cards ha ha – that’s a lot Kiki – considering the cost of postage. Always so nice to hear from you!

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